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Strictly Necessary Cookies

Some cookies are 'Strictly Necessary' in order to enable you to navigate our website and use it's features. Without these cookies, we will not be able to determine unique users of the site or provide certain features, such as event information and the functionality of purchasing tickets online. 


Examples of strictly necessary cookies set by our organisation.

PHPSESSID This cookie is used so that we know when you are actively using our website. It  enables us to maintain information between pages during your visit for seamless browsing and to provide basic funtionality for most features.
ISKSESS This cookie is used to store an identifier that lets us know that a user is actively using features of our website which have advanced functionality. For example; our Diary, Message Board, Classes and Info sections together with booking Freestyle and Workshop events.

This cookie also lets us know when a user is logged into our website so that we can remember that you are logged in when you visit a different part of our website. This prevents you from having to log in more than once during your visit.
cookie_accept cookie_policy cookie_policy_set These cookies are used so that we can determine if you have accepted our use of various cookies on this website. We also record your chosen policy and when these are set.

Examples of Strictly Necessary cookies set by our suppliers.

ASPSESSIONID This cookie is used to provide functionality when making purchases through the ePDQ system provided by Barclays Merchant Services. Without this cookie, you would not be able to purchase any tickets for Freestyle and Workshop events.

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